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Painting a Picture of Workplace Flexibility From Four Perspectives

I began my journey at Avature back in 2018, fresh out of university. I first joined the Consulting team, where I had the opportunity to meet incredible customers and learn a multitude of things. However, what truly captivated me was Avature as a platform. Here's where I discovered the first aspect that connects Avature with an intrinsic characteristic of both our platform and our culture: flexibility.

Whenever I engage with candidates, now that I work in Talent Acquisition (more on that later!), I can't help but highlight that our product's primary competitive edge is its flexibility. It can seamlessly adapt to a variety of processes. Right now, we collaborate with over 650 customers worldwide, and what astonishes me the most is the diversity among them. We partner with a wide range of industries, company sizes, cultures, and processes, and yet all of them can effectively leverage Avature to address their most challenging goals.

Our product was initially marketed as an HR platform, but its potential is virtually boundless. Actually, at Avature, the Talent team is the only team that uses the core app for its original intent. Every other team employs it for diverse purposes, spanning from handling tickets and development cases to streamlining our billing process.

As a fun example of this, last year a group of soccer-fan Avaturians created an internal recreational solution built for all of us to upload our predictions on how the World Cup would turn out. And guess what they used to build this solution? Avature!


As my career progressed in the Consulting team, I got familiarized with the product, collaborated with various teams, and naturally discovered new interests, which led me to become a member of the Talent Acquisition team. Avature was key to this discovery, and that’s how I realized that flexibility and adaptability are not only fundamental characteristics of our platform, but also integral to our culture. These qualities go hand in hand.

One remarkable aspect of the A-team is the diverse array of people with distinct backgrounds and interests that makes it up. This diversity provides us with the freedom to choose our next steps when we’re already inside the company, mirroring the type of choices we make when opting for a bachelor's degree, a master's, or even a job. Avature empowers people to shape their career paths. No one dictates the next step; you have the autonomy to craft it.

This can be clearly seen in my journey: I decided to study business administration and IT because I had a special interest for the business and IT fields; then I started off my career in consulting, earning a lot of knowledge of the industry and teams’ interactions; and right now I’ve been working as a recruiter for the past three years and undertook a programming course in the middle because of my profound interest in the field and to understand more of the profiles that I’ve been focused on hiring (mostly software engineers). My own story demonstrates just how flexible our career paths can be.

At Avature, personal growth is different for everyone, and you've got tons of options to explore. It's not just about climbing the people or technical leadership ladder; it's about what you personally see as progress in your own context and dreams.


While my own path was being built, I changed teams and roles as well, and the way my day-to-day looked changed substantially too. But the nice thing was that, in my new role, I discovered that I had a very similar flexibility with regards to my work organization. Hence, flexibility became also evident in our work model.

Firstly, there's a fundamental principle at Avature that underscores our goal-oriented approach. If you set and achieve or make progress toward your goals, you'll thrive. In most of our roles and teams, the time frames in which you choose to work are not rigid; there's no strict schedule to adhere to. This flexibility enables a balanced approach to responsibilities, providing individuals with greater control—though it's essential to acknowledge that with great power comes great responsibility.

This principle implies that time management and daily organization vary widely among Avaturians. Some people prefer starting early in the morning, while others find themselves more efficient and productive in the evening. It's entirely up to each person to decide, offering a nice level of autonomy.

And secondly, our offices are situated in stunning locations where you can work if you choose to. However, remote work is always an option, and we also have outposts some weeks each year with Avature’s summer program, which allows us to spend a day in a different location working and having fun with our colleagues. This freedom allows you to choose what suits you best or what you find most comfortable at each moment of your life.


On a last (but definitely not least) note, flexibility in people, to me, is the sense of belonging that is fostered in our organization. Individuals are open to differences and thrive on them. Regardless of your academic, professional, or personal background, there is always a place where you will feel that you belong, and that place is Avature.

Personally, I recently underwent the process of relocating from Buenos Aires to Málaga. I moved to the other side of the ocean, far away from my friends and family, to embrace a new challenge. The fact that, on my very first working day, I had an office to go to, filled with people who were incredibly welcoming and helpful in various ways was crucial for navigating this transition in the best possible way.

In terms of my day-to-day experience, being a part of a team with open-minded people who are receptive to diverse opinions enhances the overall work environment. There are instances when it's beneficial to deliberate decisions with the team, slowing down the decision-making process to learn from each other’s points of view. Regardless of your stance in a debate, you will be listened to—perhaps accompanied by some lighthearted jokes. The valuable aspect is that participating in these discussions contributes to personal growth, and your voice will always be acknowledged.


When I started thinking about writing this article, my idea was to elaborate on the meaning of flexibility in our workplace, drawing insights from specific perspectives I came across during my time here. These points have directly influenced my personal and professional journey. In any day-to-day job, various factors hold value, and in my case, flexibility emerges as a crucial element. This holds true especially in the context of teammates, career path design, work model, and the everyday product we use.

From my perspective, the flexibility at Avature extends beyond just the platform we create and operate; it weaves into the very fabric of career trajectories, work model, and the incredible individuals who make up our team. Flexibility is not just a feature but a lived experience, shaping our collective journey at Avature.

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