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There’s a lot going on at Avature! Our development area is super varied, with many specialized teams and different technologies. Combined with our penchant for collaboration and flexibility, this means you can always learn something new or take your career in a new direction.

Lucía O’Flaherty

Satellite Services Manager

At Avature, our focus as a team is on building the best product we can. Having that as a common goal, all our time and effort is put into achieving quality through collaboration.

María José Mora Naranjo

Platform Operability Manager

The best things about Avature are the excellent work environment and the non-linearity of career paths. Growth is based on skills and interests, and everyone gets to make their own path.

Marko Vrljičak

Front Line Manager

What I like the most about Avature is that we have a greatly collaborative culture, enabled through horizontality and openness. Work side by side with people who are always looking ahead to how we can grow as professionals and as a company is really motivating.

Natalia Imhoff

Engineering Director

We thrive empowering individuals and small teams. Our machine learning engineers are involved in the whole lifecycle, from the design of technical solutions to training and testing ML models, all the way to production and user feedback.

Rabih Zbib

Director NLP & Machine Learning

Avature has a focus on people. Individually, there’s no limit to how much you can learn and grow by focusing on your own skills and interests. As a group, teams work together, people are always eager to help, because collaboration is entrenched in all we do.

Lorena Gustavsson Mayor

Engineering Director