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Sabrina Ambrosi: Slow and Steady Wins the Consulting Race

Meet Sabri Ambrosi: a professional downhill skater and Implementation Consultant who participated in three World Tours and the last World Skate Games. So far, her Avature journey has been filled with exciting challenges and new learnings, combining technical expertise, interpersonal skills, and customer-facing know-how. With a passion for reading and restoring old furniture, and a drive for new challenges, Sabri brings a unique perspective to her role, and in this interview, we delve into her Avaturian experience, from the onboarding buddy program to balancing work and her love for downhill skating.

Join me as we discover how a slow and steady approach helps Sabri win the Consulting “race” every single day.


When and how did your Avature journey start?

It started in February 2023, after going through a very thorough interview process where I got to meet some of the awesome people I now work with. I came from the freelance sector and had my own marketing agency specialized in social media and e-commerce, but was trying to get back into the corporate world. One of my closest friends, who happens to be the one who referred me, kept insisting I gave Avature a shot — and so far, she was right, I do not regret it.

How would you describe the first months in Consulting?

It's been an exciting and intriguing journey. Lots of emotions, for sure, but always knowing that no matter how big the challenge, I’m never alone and everything I experience helps me grow both professionally and personally.

How was the onboarding? How do you think Avature’s buddy program helps during the first months as a consultant?

It was hard to know what to expect from the onboarding as it had been a while since my last corporate job. I’d been working independently for a long time, so having an onboarding program was way more than I was used to. My buddy was great, and definitely made a huge difference in my Avature experience. I’d say it felt a bit fast, but the human component definitely makes it easier: having others walking next to you, guiding you, and reassuring you that what you think or feel through every step is normal.

What do you enjoy the most from being an Implementation Consultant at Avature?

The challenges, definitely. Every single day requires me to learn something new, adapt, and face the unknown, but also to share what I know and see how much that little grain of sand can contribute to the overall result.

For you, what makes Avature different from other software in terms of its implementation and possibilities?

My first approach to this amazing software made me feel that you can do just about anything with Avature. I remember thinking: “Where have you been all my life?” Now, I can see how its adaptability to our customers’ needs and the regular creation of new features makes for this a mind-boggling SaaS.

What would you say you learned these months as Implementation Consultant? Both personally and professionally.

I didn’t have previous experience in the HR industry, so professionally, I learned countless things on how HR processes work, and I was able to identify certain underlying structures from my previous experience with other platforms I worked with and saw how much more extensive Avature is in comparison.

And personally, I realized how much of a difference a bit of networking and social contact can make every now and then; like going to the office on Fridays and joining after offices — something I was not used to doing in my previous job as a freelancer. Even though I love not being forced to go to the office, I feel I’m more part of the team after I added this habit to my monthly routine.

Would you say your role allows you to put into practice your technical and interpersonal skills? How?

As with any customer-facing job, you gotta be fast to respond and show self-confidence, which can only come from trusting your skills and knowledge; but also, you have to be wise enough to know when to avoid making a commitment or giving certainty over stuff you might not be sure about. This is a mixture between technical and interpersonal skills, and for me, that is a key trade for any Implementation Consultant.

What do you think are the most important skills an Implementation Consultant at Avature should have to be able to unleash their full potential?

Like I mentioned during my interviews, the one “skill” that helped me succeed in all my endeavors, and that I feel is key for an Implementation Consultant, is to be a Jack-of-all-trades. Most people misquote this phrase and say: “Jack-of-all-trades, master of none.” Still, the full quote actually reads: “A Jack-of-all-trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” This is the way I see our role here as Implementation Consultants: you have to be flexible, resourceful, and able to adapt to all needs while also staying open to learn new things constantly.

On that same note, are there varied learning opportunities within Consulting? Which is your next challenge as part of the team?

I feel there are countless opportunities here, and they are only limited by the amount of effort we are willing to put into the job and how we work on our pain points. I have challenged myself to gather as much technical knowledge as possible, so that — combined with my logic skills — I might one day join the Solutions Architects team. All the same, I’m aware that other opportunities might arise along the way, as new positions are created on a regular basis to cope with the company’s growth, and I’m always open to taking chances.

How do you balance your work-life with your hobbies and passions since becoming an Avaturian?

Overall, I’m happy to have taken this chance to jump back into the corporate world. Coming from the limited resources of being independent and trying to create a startup, finally having access to the tools I need to reach my professional goals and only focus on the things I care about feels nice for a change.

I am still on the journey to adapt some of the other aspects of my life to this new job, as I’m also a professional downhill skater and I usually travel a lot to be able to train and race. I’m about to start planning skate trips for this spring/summer after being pretty still for the last 7 months, and knowing that I can travel while working (and even visit other offices like I did when in Mendoza) is a relief. I can also use vacation days if I want to, which feels like a game changer. I guess we’ll see how that works out… I’ll probably be sharing the experience on my social media, so follow me if you are curious 😉

What would you say to a person who’s about to join Consulting regarding the team?

I’d quote another phrase: “Slow and steady wins the race”. Taking things as they come, finding time to cultivate your skills, and being perseverant is key. Reach out to your teammates whenever you feel overwhelmed since they’ll most likely be able to guide you. Consulting can seem like a lot at first, but it’s meant for people that have a huge drive towards self growth and improvement. If you’re here, there’s a reason for that… so trust yourself and the process!

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