Loud & Proud

Poli talks about why visibility for the LGBTQIA+ community is important and opens an invitation to reflect about the construction of identity in the context of Pride Month.

Women in Technology

Cata talks to 12 women at Avature who work in engineering about their experiences, challenges, goals, and some advice for other women who want to join the tech world.
Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership: Laura Hölzl

In this interview, Laura Hölzl, Consulting Director, brings a recap of her journey towards leadership and explains how she manages to keep a people-centric approach every day.
Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership: Paula Vázquez

An interview with Paula Vázquez, Engineering Director, who made a drastic career change and went from running her own restaurant to overseeing six engineering teams at Avature.
Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership: Siobhan Garriga

In this interview, Siobhan Garriga, Process Improvement Director, goes over her professional journey and explains how it helped her be a better mentor for other women.
Women in Leadership

Women in Leadership: Denise Dresler

An interview with Denise Dresler, Product Design Director, an innate leader with a 10-year career at Avature and a thirst for new—and bigger—challenges.