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Senior Software Engineer, Natural Language Processing (NLP)




Barcelona, Spain

Machine learning is reshaping the software industry, and one way we stay at the top of our market is by applying ML techniques to deal with natural language and automatize our customers’ work. This allows users to process information in a platform that smartly takes into account the ambiguity of human language.


Your challenges and objectives

  • Work towards building a product that understands human languages as they come in resumes, cover letters and so on.
  • Produce statistic-based estimations and metrics to assess the results of machine learning models, evaluating machine results against human results.
  • Research complex issues brought up by management and propose ways to solve them with machine learning.

Your day-to-day activities
  • Help refine our ML tools and models as we apply them to wider domains.
  • Experiment and work with trials and errors of ML models.
  • Interact with internal teams to get internal and external feedback, to improve the tools (e.g. resume parser).

About you
  • Software engineer or computer science major (advanced student or graduate).
  • Curious and up-to-date on how to solve industry-related problems with ML, with the ability to bring academic knowledge into the industry.
  • Working experience in OOP (Python).
  • Knowledge or background in ML or NLP.
  • English upper intermediate level, as most research is done in English.
  • Knowledge of other natural languages is a big plus.

We’re a market leader enterprise that makes its own product: A highly flexible enterprise SaaS platform used for global talent acquisition and talent management. We currently work with over 650 companies worldwide.

We choose to work in a relaxed, energetic and creative environment, where everyone can make the most of their skills and preferences, and boost their individual capabilities through collaboration and team work.

  • A fast-paced, energetic, and engaging environment.
  • Flexible hours
  • Competitive salary, with one review a year.
  • Sanitas health coverage.
  • Four days a year to attend events related to professional development.
An organizational culture that empowers everyone to be themselves is key to thrive in business, but more importantly, it’s a pathway for creating a more equal society. Avature fosters a diverse and inclusive environment, and celebrates that each unique person brings something different to our team. We are committed to considering all qualified applicants equally and to promote equal opportunities within our organization.