Your Journey Starts Here

Image - Before We Begin

Before We Begin

Visit, read, watch, and learn

Prepare for your first interview by doing a little research. Read about us, watch our videos, and visit our website and social media.

Image - Initial Interview

Initial Interview

Let’s get to know each other

Your first interview will be with a member of our Talent Acquisition Team. This is our chance to get to know each other - we’ll give you the scoop on Avature, and you can tell us the things we can’t learn from your resume.

  • Ask questions:
    In this stage you can learn a lot about us, so prepare a list of things you’d like to know.
  • Take your time:
    We’ll dedicate as much time as we need to get to know each other.

And remember, throughout the entire process:

Coordinate with us:
We’ll work with you in finding the best time for our interviews to fit your schedule.

Tell us about yourself:
Feel free to share everything that represents you as a person, like passions, interests, and hobbies.

Dress comfortably:
We have a casual workplace, so leave the suit at home.

Image - Technical Exercises

Technical Exercises

Put your programming and teamwork skills to the test

We’ll evaluate your skills in:

  • Programming - get ready to code!
  • Communication and collaboration.
  • Analytical and problem-solving.
  • Areas such as algorithms, data structure, OOP, architecture, and design patterns.


  • Have fun with it:
    It’s not the final answer we care about - it’s the path you take to get there.
  • Interact with your interviewer:
    Ask questions, think out loud, explain your reasoning, and justify your decisions.
  • Be prepared:
    Make sure to go over the subjects we’ll be evaluating.
  • Practice:
    We use a really awesome software for these interviews: Codility. You can find plenty of material to practice on their site.
Image - Meeting the Team

Meeting the Team

Get acquainted with your potential colleagues

In this last interview you’ll meet the manager of the development team we believe is a good fit for you. This way you can learn about the team projects and the team can learn about you.


  • Ask questions:
    This is your chance to get to know about ongoing and future projects, as well as your potential manager and teammates
  • Be yourself:
    Your authenticity helps us guarantee the right team placement.
Image - Final decision

Final Decision

At the end of the interview process, everyone who was part of your Avature journey will get together to share their thoughts and come to a final decision. A member of our Talent Acquisition Team will contact you to let you know how we’ll continue.